Plumbing Department Manager


The Plumbing Department Manager/RME will be responsible for overseeing all individuals hired in the plumbing department. This position works closely with the Directors of Construction, Energy and Maintenance, as part of the collaborative effort to complete plumbing scope in all facets of the business. An understanding of basic accounting and business administration is a requirement to fulfill this position. The duties above are a reference and not a definitive list. The roles and responsibilities will vary slightly depending on experience, ability, and staff availability over time. Candidates must be willing to work in a fast-paced and changing/growing environment. Our company is essentially three companies operating under the same roof and with that comes challenges and a high level of excitement. The Plumbing Department Manager/RME will essentially run a plumbing company under our banner.

The Plumbing Department Manager/RME will require the following roles and responsibilities:

Facilitate management functions with regard to the plumbing department.

Asset management:

  • Manage all owned equipment for the department.
  • Manage vehicles assigned to the department.
  • Procure necessary tools and equipment to function and expand the department.
  • Control and manage stock and warehouse bays dedicated to the department.

Business management:

  • Manage installation, service, and repair across 3 departments in Construction/Energy/Maintenance.
  • Assistance in recruitment and hiring of journeymen and apprentice plumbers for all aspects of work.
  • Acquire and maintain C-37 Plumbing Contractor’s license and registered RME status for the company.
  • Supplier credit applications.
  • Vendor paperwork compliance, organization and oversight.
  • Develop plumbing department to stand alone with independent work.

Inter-department Relations:

  • Plumbing contact for all departments.
  • Management of shared resources with other departments.
  • Direction and coordination with logistics and procurement.
  • Work with accounting for proper billing and costing.

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