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In February 2019, Hawaiʻi Unified partnered with Malama Learning Center to clean and revitalize Piliokahe (Tracks) beach in Waiʻanae. As the third largest private employer on the Waiʻanae Coast, Hawaiʻi Unified knows their connection with the community is strong and, along with their employees, show their support of the neighborhood they call home.

Malama Learning Center, a non-profit organization serving the Waipahu to Waiʻanae area of Oʻahu, hopes to teach and inspire local communities to live and work in sustainable ways through their hands-on learning projects they sponsor on the island. A team of 40 volunteers made up of Hawaiʻi Unified employees and their family members teamed up with the organization in the hopes of creating a long-lasting relationship based on their shared values of conservation and caring. With such a large group of dedicated volunteers, Hawaiʻi Unified was able to fully staff this community service project for the Malama Learning Center.

Early in the morning, Hawaiʻi Unified’s volunteers gathered at Piliokahe beach to pick up litter and marine debris from the beach and coastline. The next phase of this project dealt with removing invasive species from the beach area and, in many cases, using pickaxes to break up the tough root structures of the invasive plants to fully remove them and ensure the plants didn’t grow back. After receiving on-the-spot education from staff members of Malama Learning Center, the final phase of the project was to replant and water tender seedlings of native species with the hopes of these plants helping to control beach erosion in the future.

This community service day was spent not only to beautify the area in which the Hawaiʻi Unified lives and works, but to also plant the seed for future generations to understand the importance of taking care of, and preserving, this land and all it has done for us.


Piliokahe (Tracks) Beach Clean Up


Malama Learning Center

What We Did

Clean up litter and marine debris

Remove invasive species and plant native seedlings.

Why We Did This

Because we love our ‘aina!